Friday, August 26, 2011

Allergy Diet Update:

Yes, I do have another post I'm working on and hope to post that soon, but I wanted to follow-up on the allergy diet post I made a few months back.

This new fangled diet has been pretty extreme.  The grocery bill has gone up, to be sure.  I consume lots of protein (eggs, almonds, chicken, fish, beef, etc.) and fruits and veggies and very little grains and no refined sugars.  This has been most difficult at family dinners and social events where food is served, as I often have to eat before going as I never know what's going to be served.

Nevertheless, I'm feeling great!  I have energy throughout the day without the need for afternoon tea/coke and many of my sinus and other allergy symptoms continue to fade away.  I've also shed about 20 pounds (and may still lose some more).

This is a completely different lifestyle and it's taken a long time to adapt.  But so far, I'm really lovin' the results!

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