Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Story of Our Lives:

Recently, what may very well be my favorite musical artist of all time -- The Violet Burning -- released a massive project.  Not just a new album.  Not just great artwork to go along with it.  But an entire, 34 track 3 album box-set titled, "The Story of Our Lives".

This isn't a piece of art that you see as you're walking down a city street and take a minute to observe.  No, this is something completely different.  It capitulates you.  This happens not because it's a story, but because it's the story of our lives.  Those who enjoy music (perhaps more specifically, rock n roll) will not only find some great songs, amazing guitar riffs, and drumming that's out of this world.  But will instead find themselves wrapped up in the story.  Not like a good movie or book where you're cheering for the hero; but instead, peering into the looking glass.  And everybody is looking in all at the same time.  Enamored by the Story of Our Lives.

Within this story one will discover several characters, including references to Jesus.  And full confession about how even the name of Jesus has been exploited for human greed.  Is this the story of The Violet Burning?  No, it's our story...and we're all a part of it.  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

This project is not something that can be consumed in one sitting.  It takes time.  Patience.  Pondering.  And in the end, one may be left with a great deal of questions left unanswered.  But keep listening.  Keep peering.  Keep pondering.  The answers are in there.

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For a great deal of time, others have been encouraging me to begin my own blog.  But statistics continue to show that blogging is down, way down.  Facebook and Twitter have become an effective means of social interaction, but real communication is something severely lacking in our society.  Yet I like communication.  Sitting down and enjoying true fellowship with another human being gives me gratification that cannot be found elsewhere.

But I enjoy other things as well.  God.  Music.  People.  And coffee, don't want to forget that one.

Due to this, I've decided to listen to the voices of encouragement and attempt the beginnings of a blog.  In case you're wondering...

Q: Why Rock Hard Marshmallows?
A: I have no idea.  I really don't.  Years ago I made a humorous quip about how "Rock Hard Marshmallows" would be a great name for a band.  Years later, I'm utterly amazed that this hasn't happened yet.  Some small band somewhere is seriously missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime!

In all seriousness, the title doesn't make sense.  Neither does God.  Neither does music.  Neither do people.  Christians place faith in a God who cannot be seen.  Music can be translated to a series of 1's and 0's and played back electronically in a way that is still pleasing to the human ear.  And people...well, we all know that people don't make sense, either.

So this blog is about my personal observations on all things...trying to make sense of it all.

Q: Who are you?
A: I'm a pastor.  And for years I've heard others' perspective on God.  I've heard others' perspective on music as well.  Believe it or not, as a "pastor", others have opinions about me, too.  Due to this, I wanted to offer a perspective from the inside.  Being drenched in God, culture, and the lives of people in a sense that most can't recognize, I felt it appropriate that I provide my observations as well.

Sit back.  Agree.  Disagree.  But be civil.  Perhaps we'll all help each other make a little more sense of...well...everything.